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The story of Northminster began in 1851 as 27 courageous people followed the call of God and the demands of conscience and founded the Free Presbyterian Church of New Castle. Strongly opposed to slavery, this group of believers left the Presbyterian Church (USA) and found a new home in the Free Presbyterian Church denomination.

After the Civil War, with slavery ended, there was no longer any reason to be named the “Free Presbyterian Church”. In 1869, they united with the “New School Presbyterians”, a more liberal faction of the Presbyterian Church, that favored the abolition of slavery.

In 1894, it was decided to change the name to a more colorful and descriptive name, Central Presbyterian Church, which was located in the center of town. The Central Presbyterian Church was destroyed by fire on March 21, 1949, and was relocated to its present site on Wilmington Road in 1951. “Minster” means “Church” and the new location was on the north side of the city, therefore the name Northminster.

Mergers withing the Presbyterian denomination resulted in our current name, Northminster Presbyterian Church (USA).

We look forward to continuing the strong heritage of our Church in Glorifying God by Reaching Out and Building Up for Christ.

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