Church Overview

Our Mission, Purpose and Where we are

Northminster is a unique place. Ultimately, we are just a group of imperfect people trying to follow Jesus and find community. We like to say that we are trying to experience, acknowledge, and respond to God in everything.

In some ways, we are a bit of a paradox. We are traditional casual. We want you to be yourself but also desire to grow. We want to build a strong internal community but also care for the community around us and the world. We want to build faith but also bring on our doubts and fears. We lean more conservative, but not all of us, and we actually don’t like talking about politics much.

Some people say that Northminster is a place where you can find a place when you might have had trouble finding your place other places.

We are a Presbyterian Church, part of the denomination called the Presbyterian Church (USA) and a member of the Shenango Presbytery. But we normally just call ourselves Northminster.

Northminster values authenticity, learning, laughing, and striving to figure out God’s will.

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